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Gefken: a multi-sector player

Gefken’s products are used in a variety of sectors, conventionally and unconventionally.A sales manager might use a case with a cooling element to present a new cold drink.A financial advisor might use a box file case to neatly store all his information.And a biologist might use his case to transport his water samples safely and accessibly to a lab.Gefken will be happy to help, whatever sector you work in.

Financial sector:

  • Cases for flexible workstations (flexcases).
  • Document file cases.
  • Dossier cases.
  • Sales portfolios.

Government/Public bodies:

  • Cases for flexible workstations (flexcases).
  • Cases with interiors for laptops, printers, digital signature cards.


  • Packaging and transportation of capital goods.
  • Packaging of measuring/calibrating equipment.
  • Integration of laptops and linked systems.

Cosmetics industry:

  • Presentation cases.
  • Range of equipment integrated into carrying cases or flight cases.

Medical industry:

  • Medical equipment integrated into carrying cases or flightcases.
  • Packaging of high-quality medical equipment.
  • Presentation portfolios for medical product introductions.

AV & Lighting and events sector:

  • Flightcases for various equipment used by rental companies.
  • Cable cases.





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